HE R125 RN

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Small, powerful and robust!

Its incredible strength and reliability are enjoyed throughout the world. Also its easy pull start mechanism and centrifugal clutch are particularly appreciated in the many schools and beginner pilots that use the R125NG…


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Product Description

The R125NG has been conceived to match the power needs of the new type of paramotor wings. Their reflex section whilst increasing the speed of the wing also increases their sink rate. To compensate, these wings need more power.

Unlike many other engines in its category, the power curve of the R125NG remains constant even under high temperatures. Indeed its remarkable air cooling system insures a steady thrust of 60 kilos (with a 125 wooden propeller at 600m above sea level). To respect the paraglider, the R125NG delivers its power progressively and securely.

Technical characteristics
Displacement cm3 125
Compression ratio cm3 11/1
Max. Power HP 20
kW 15
R.P.M. 9.800
Engine weight with exhaust and air filter. 12.5 Kg.
Laminar intake with a Walbro WG 8-1 carburettor
Aluminium cylinder with Nikasil ceramic coating
Helicoïdal gear reduction with centrifugal clutch. Reduction 1/3.6
Manual pull start mechanism with recoil starter
In flight consumption with at 7600 R.P.M. (level flight), 3 litres/hour
Lubrication mixture of 2,5% two stroke oil with 95 unleaded petrol and 3% during running in phase


Static Thrust
R125NG engine
1:3.6 reduction
Twin blade wooden propeller of 125cm
R.P.M. Cons. per 1/hr Thrust in Kg. (*)
9800 and more 4.5 64
8000 3 60
7000 2.5 55
6000 1 32
Power /torque table
R.P.M. Hp
6000 8
7200 14
8500 17.5
9700 20

(*) depending on propeller size, material, shape and on meteorological conditions, altitude.