Paramotoring is one of the safest and most accessible forms of personal flight, but it is aviation, and requires the same effective communication, discipline and professionalism that would be expected with any type of flying.

We know that there are many on line options for training and gear, and we appreciate you choosing Sky Club Asia. In order to preserve, promote, and enhance the sport of paramotoring and your personal safety while flying, please choose your instructor with care and ask to see internationally recognized instructor certification, proper insurance and national club registration. The only F.A.I. recognized sport flying association in Thailand is RASAT – Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand.

Introductory Training Package

This begins with a Instruction flight with one of our pilots. This will provide the first sensation of paramotor (pendular) flight and get you aquinted with the altitude you’ll be flying at and the terrain you’ll be over.

All materials, such as complete paramotor kit, harness, canopy, fuel, radios, etc will be provided for your training. Also included is a temporary membership to RASAT, which will allow you to legally fly solo and use the flight park facilities during your training.

This intensive introductory course cost is 30,000 Baht. We strictly follow the USPPA and FAI syllabus to provide a progressive, challenging and exciting experience for students of practically any age, and fitness level.

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the industry standard for equipment. All wings used in training are in excellent condition and are certified by European standards. (EN, DGAC, and DULV ratings)

Training is done at the Phuket airpark located at GPS: 08*01.0' N 098*24.3' E. Beautifully maintained grass fields, on site hangers, training area for theory courses, toilets and cold refreshments all available.

Time needed before you can fly solo is approximately 25 hours. Of which 20 hours will be hands on training and 5 hours of flight and weather theory.

Weather Permitting
Occasionally the weather will not cooperate and we must cancel or postpone a class. If this happens, we will issue a "wind check" to come back and finish the class another day.


Read what some of our previous students have to say about their experiences of learning paramotor with us:

Alberto Garcia
After so many years of dreaming about, finally I managed to find the perfect time but especially... the perfect guys to do my Paramotor course, Mark and Paul are such a wonderful and passionate professional of the sport that you can feel in these humble personalities that besides to have such a knowledge and experience in the field they just treat you very friendly and make you feel so comfortable and confident with every instruction they makes. During the flight the peacefulness and beauty of the area leave you speechless and overwhelmed. It is a experience in a life time.
Michael Ruess
Business Owner
After trying many things in my life , I was looking for a new challenge. My friend invited me several times to visit a paramotor school near my house. After finally going there, I was hooked the same day. I had a great teacher with mark and he was very patient. I love flying since my first flight and happy every minute I am in the air. The best thing I have done in the last 10 years and a great experience.
Capt. Douglas Erskine
Civil Flight Instructor
Thanks to the Sky Club crew, my re-emergence into the Paramotor realm was easy and fun. I would heartily recommend the Sky Club school and the good people there.
Capt Douglas is a Airline Pilot with 23,000 flight hours
John Norman , UK
Business Owner
A great couple of guys, who have, since the course become very good friends, owe them both many beers
Christoph K.
Business Owner
After one introductory fight with paul i was hooked immediately. I signed for the paramotor training course. The head instructor mark was very patient and professional and helped me all the way to my first solo flight. I was so inspired that i decided to start a full training to become an instructor one day. I already fly foot launch and trike and my new goal ist to become a tandem pilot. Learning paramotor was the best thing i did in the last 20 years and i love every minute of flying.