Connect. Plan. Fly. Deliver.

Sky Club Asia understands that imagery from low and slow flight adds a unique and powerful perspective that can ultimately add to the successful communication of a conservation project.


For over ten years we’ve been collaborating with local and regional scientists, photographers, and researchers, to enhance wildlife and forest conservation initiatives in SE Asia.


 The paramotor has proven to be an exceptionally safe and reliable tool for providing unrivaled access and unique aerial perspectives to a wide range of landscapes.



The paramotor experience

Paramotors vital role in conservation is immediately felt the second you leave the ground.  The breathtaking view from the front seat of a paramotor is indescribable.  


From altitudes of 1 to 1000 meters, and at the slow cruising speed of 40 km/h., we can provide a perch from which to see, feel, and construct a project and an inspired narrative.   


The passenger is able to build a view, carve his/her way around unique vantage points from all elevations.  This goes beyond a typical drone where viewer and the landscape are disconnected by technology.    This form of flight creates an intensely intimate connection with our surroundings to bring a truer and more accurate understanding of our environment and all living things in it. 


Almost dream-like, in a sense, because there is essentially nothing surrounding you during the flight.  No spinning propeller in front of you. No fuselage wrapped around you. No scratched, glaring plexiglass that you have to film through.  Even the wing, which is providing the lift, is high above, out of view.


Our flights are a type of partnership with our passengers.  Our goal is the same as yours.  To deliver an experience and offer a platform that generates a sense of wonder and lets you go deeper into what you’re seeing and recording. 

We believe that in order to bring real awareness, real experience is needed.



This service is provided and primarily funded by sales of paramotors and private donors.  If you have a project in the region and need an aerial perspective please contact us.  Our goal is to help you or your organization and enhance your message and bring awareness to issues that matter for all of us.  And have a great adventure while we’re doing it!



Key Strategic Projects

Blue whale migration Timor Leste.


Wildlife 1 Conservancy - Doc’ on the Tiger Trade Closing a Deadly Gateway.


WWF Greater Mekong - Following the Mekong from the Golden Triangle into Cambodia.


WWF Myanmar - Documenting the Dawei Road Special Economic Zone development.


Sri Lanka.  Documenting government aid housing projects by air, throughout Northern and Central Sri Lanka.


Forest Conservation Chiang Ma - PATT Thailand


WWF Thailand - Documenting Thailands World Heritage Western Forest Complex.


Elephant Conservation Network - Belinda Stuart Cox. Kanchanaburi


Elephant Nature Park Thailand - Wildlife 1 Conservancy with Lek Chailert.