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Paramotor flight equipment in Thailand and South East Asia.

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Sky Club Asia is the exclusive distributor for Fly Products brand paramotors in Thailand. We have been serving Thailand and the SE Asia region for over 10 years with quality built, reliable aviation products and services.

Fly Products offers and array of paramotor styles and models to meet any type of flying and pilot. We are proud to offer you proven, certified, reliable flight equipment that goes well beyond the minimums of certification, performance and design.

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Introducing the new 2-stroke RMZ-500 Avio as an option for Eco 2 Light and Luna Light.

This engine is very similar to the famous Rotax 503 with air cooling. It mounts the same reduction for the Rotax 503 and the same exhaust system. Power delivery is gradual and the engine runs regularly at all speeds. You will be surprised by the low noise level and high power output. Fuel consumption is around 8 liters per hour thanks to the 2 Mikuni carburetor and all temperature and rpm instruments are based the same ranges as the Rotax 503. This plug 'n play engine has proven to be an exceptional and affordable option for heavy trike pilots.


Fly Products is a pioneer in the paramotor flight world. Established in Italy more than 20 years ago, this small, family run company, has been driven by a love for flight, inherently safe design and solid reputation for outstanding, personal customer support. Fly Products is known for not only foot launch paramotors, but also rugged trikes, with high performance aviation specific power plants. Offering primarily Vittorazi brand power plants for foot launch units and Rotax 582 for the Heavy Trike Series makes these aircraft second to none. In the past few years, Fly Products trike models such as the Luna, Xenit and Eco2Light have become the industry standard for wheeled launch paramotor. For more detailed information on the Luna trike, you can also visit our website. www.lunatrike.com These aircraft, along with commited customer support and service, are available in Thailand and SE Asia.

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